Keep your company Distinct.

Design By Instinct.

Our team of experts make it our mission to deliver designs that will stand out amongst your competitors. Not only do we focus on creating unique designs for our clients, but we also focus on making sure its best suited for your brand. Our team is passionate about creating the most eye catching designs for our clients, while making sure that your brand does not camouflage with other companies.

The Distinct Team.

Our team of experienced designers, developers and marketing experts have been built over the course of several years.
Each member of our team possess a distinct talent, and plays a significant role here at Distinct Company.

What We Do.

Here is a list of our most popular services. We have years of experience and have a distinct reputations amongst our clients.

Web Development

In todays technologically advanced era, the importance of an online presence, particular an eye-catching user friendly website is immense. Our team designs and develops custom and unique websites for your establishment.


Your brand is not just design. It is the face of your business. It is how potential clients perceive your company. We understand the importance of your companies brand image and will do everything in our power that you have a distinct presence.


Our team takes pride it deriving a unique branding and marketing strategy for each and every client. Our strategy and consulting services make sure you never spend money on the wrong services.

Maintenance & Support

We offer affordable maintenance packages for all of our clients. We take pride in our staffs timely response to concerns, and questions. At Distinct Company our service is not only distinct, but so is our support. Reach out today!


Generating leads can be a very difficult task in todays competitive industries. You need a distinct company to derive the most suitable and appropriate online marketing strategy that correlates with your company, services and values.

Premium Support

Our team takes pride in our satisfaction rates with customer support all around the GTA. Our job doesn’t end when we have completed your project. We are more than happy to assist you with any hurdles you may come across during your journey. We respond to any requests within 24 hours no matter the day. This includes weekends!

Get Started.

Our experience team of staff will guide you to your distinct vision. Contact us for a brief free consultation!