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  • January - March 2020
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Rav Bhela had approached us to create a marketing strategy that would maximize his reach through his digital presence. Our team got right to work and began construction on an effective plan to create reach to potential clients. Our goal with this project was to create eye-catching elegant material that would showcase our clients capabilities as a realtor. Our client being new to the industry, had no content and material to work with. We asked him to relax and sit back while we worked our magic. During our marketing and branding consultation with Rav, we mentioned all the services that would be essential from a marketing standpoint that would guarantee the success of his brand. Firstly, we knew that photography and videography can be beneficial in selling and listing homes, but also required was appropriate shots of himself so that his potential clients can go to a familiar face.  We then moved to the next biggest marketing platform in the world right now, social media. We pitched him a series of ideas and plans that would maintain his relevance in the field while also garnering attention.

"Creative Solutions And Results That Grow Brands"

Building the concept

We knew in order to begin we needed to build Rav a profile with appropriate and professional pictures that can be used in his marketing and real estate portfolio. We decided to set up our studio and have Rav come in with some of his best outfits. It was important that we provided Rav with a variety of photos that he can choose for various marketing material such as his business cards, social media posts and for sale signs. After a successful shoot we had several pictures with various postures for Rav to choose from. After having finalized some pictures we were ready to move on with the rest of Rav’s marketing campaign.

We had assured Rav that he could sit back and relax, Distinct Company will take care of all of his marketing and branding needs by providing him with the appropriate services and advice. After having completed his photography shoot, we were prepared to move onto the next steps in constructing his campaign. We created a brand new logo for him that resinated with his morals and his brand image. We understand the importance of a social media presence so we designed him some material that he could post as an initial post to gain traction with potential followers. We also provided him with our photo and video package to assist in the selling of his listings to his clients.


Our colour palette had to reflect, Rav’s brand and his real estate partnerships, so we made sure to have shades fo red and grey so that it may correlate the brand of his brokerage. We also chose fonts that were bold yet elegant in order to leave a statement while being modern and trendy.

Fonts / Typography
Color Palette
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